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Denwhat: Hi everyone! Thanks for the great questions. I'm gonna get started soon!

Josh-jam: @Denwhat For students, what's some workflow advice for time management, either it be 3d, or 2d.

Denwhat: @ZNKT(Civnopes) The qualities most important to me for interns...hmmmm. The intern needs to be hungry and open to suggestions. They also need strong fundamental drawing/anatomy skills and not rely on "style" to hide their weaknesses. Honesty in art first! Also, having a good aesthetic and being up to date on the latest design/art trends is a big plus. So indulge yourself in the latest video games and movies/animations.

hammerTH [SWE]: Hello @Denwhat welcome to the server hopefully you'll enjoy your stay

Denwhat: @arrowu I've been studying since middle school, about when I was 12 years old. I wouldn't focus too much on standing out from your peers. Just focus on your own craft and what YOU want to do. Simply being really good at your own craft will make you stand out

Alejandro: @Denwhat What were the best ways for you to build your sense of design over time?

Denwhat: @bear! [US/WV] Yeah, getting your first job is always hard. What makes it WAY easier is having a friend or someone you know already working there. That's why networking is so important. It got me my first job and in turn, I got a lot of my friends from college into the industry that way. Another way to get a job a company is to create fan-art for a game that company makes. My passion for League of Legends helped a lot in getting me a job at Riot Games. As for your second question: If I don't have a design prompt when starting with a character, then it's time to GO CRAZY! This is your chance to really push a fun idea you've always had in your mind and go nuts. Embrace it

Tyier Godette (FoxieMoose[US]): @Denwhat if you could go back in time and tell yourself one thing that you believe would have helped you grow faster, what would it be?

Denwhat: @Hawk92 My process: ALWAYS start with a good idea in your head. Your character needs a fun "hook" or else it'll just be forgettable. Go on Pinterest and look at inspiration. Create a moodboard. It's a lot of prep work, but it pays off at the end. A good character will take 2 days. 1 day for prep and thumbs and feedback. Another to finish

Johnny[USA,TX]: Heya @Denwhat, what would you say is the most important fundamental skills for a character designer? Thanks

Denwhat: @me concept @hammerTH [SWE] [SWE] (combining you two since it's related) Fantastic questions here! :) If you look at Japanese concept art, there is usually very little rendering. The concepts are just lines w/ flat values so all of their energy/time goes into the actual design and not your fancy Artstation rendering. That's 1 reason why their final designs in games, anime, movies, are SOOO unique and memorable. Example from NIER: Then again, if you're applying for a place like Naughty Dog (Last of Us), you will need some rendering since they value realism. But for a place that creates fun, fantasy/sci fi games, then lines/flats can suffice if your ideas/drawings are on point Example by Calum:

Denwhat: @me concept ^

Denwhat: @Ahsoo I never knew I was ready. I just applied because was desperate. I freshly graduated from art school and saw my friends already working. I got my first industry full time position at Tencent Boston. DON'T wait too long! I wanted the perfect portfolio before I applied at Riot (thinking to myself first impression is everything), so I kept waiting and refining, years went by. Eventually, they just contacted me based on my old website and wanted an onsite interview. If I didn't wait, I may have been at Riot a lot sooner. I don't quite understand your 2nd part of the question. Please rephrase

Denwhat: @eCupcakes HELLO!

Denwhat: @Jonsku [SWE/FIN] thanks for the control

Jeff Vehrs [AD] [USA]: Hi @Denwhat , What is a misconception you may have seen young artists have (or perhaps had yourself) when joining their first studio team? Thanks!(edited)

Jonsku [SWE/FIN]: @Denwhat Hi there Den I have looked through your portfolio and got to know that you're mainly a character artist, however, you do have environment pieces in your portfolio. How much do you value environment pieces and how knowledgeable do you believe a future character designer should be in it? Also since you work as a character designer how much environments do you get to do inside your job be it in illustrations or concepting? Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions! :D Joonatan.

Denwhat: @Josh-jam Workflow advice for students: Start loose and be brave with your shapes. Get feedback early and don't be too precious with your work. Don't be afraid to restart if it just isn't working (rather than just trying to shoe-horn it)

Denwhat: @Alejandro Best way to build your design flow: Copy designs you love in games/movies. Always consume the latest media to stay up to date. And understand your anatomy/figure drawing. Knowing your anatomy will help tremendously in creating shapes for armor/creatures/mecha. Nature knows best

 Josh-jam: thanks! and welcome,thanks for you're time today.

Alejandro: Thank you very much for that exceptional feedback, also thank you for taking the time to answer questions

Denwhat: @Johnny[USA,TX] Most important fundamental skills for a character designer: Anatomy/figure drawing. Without a strong knowledge in this base, your designs will feel empty

Galich [MD, EU]>moving to Poland: Hi there @Jeff Vehrs [AD] [USA] asked a cool question. My question is: is there any unofficial rules of interaction in studios between workers or with Seniors? Don't they consider yourself a slowpoke in case if you work longer to make better idea and concept? Sometimes I feel that I'm doing bad because I'm working bit slow, but I really want to make the quality. Do the 'big guys' understand that or it is common that they can think you waste their money? (payed by hours)

Galich [MD, EU]>moving to Poland: hope it was understandable question lol

Denwhat: @Tyier Godette (FoxieMoose[US]) If I could go back in time, I'd tell myself to draw more AND not rely so much on reference. Of course, you need reference to start your career and get the info into your brain. But you don't want to make reference a clutch. So draw A LOT from reference, then use less and less and less as the years go on. But by all means, please keep looking at reference and inspiration to continually refill your brain

me concept: @Denwhat just to concretize one little moment: i am a big fan of asian concept art overall but if unfortunately i am not an asian and i probably will not work on asian projects, is it still a good way to go?

 styke: @Denwhat Was there a final push that gave you the motivation to try and be a professional artist? If so, what was it?

Denwhat: @me concept You don't have to be Asian or work on Asian projects. These days, western game companies know the Asian market (mainly China) are where most of the money comes from (especially for mobile games). Those companies know that an Asian aesthetic/design sense can help there

Shocky (Ger/Eng): @Denwhat Do you think it's a valid idea to try and create a nice Portfolio and in order to get hired ? - how do you reach out to a big Games Company to get hired when there are probably hundreds of the same caliber as you ?

Denwhat: @Galich [MD, EU]>moving to Poland If the seniors sees potential in you (your growth), then they won't mind you being slower. If you are truly worried they may see you as slow, just put more hours in at home at night on your work.

Galich [MD, EU]>moving to Poland: yeah, that's what I do

Galich [MD, EU]>moving to Poland: thanks!

 Denwhat: @Shocky (Ger/Eng)

Denwhat: The best way to stand out to the big game companies is to create works of art that caters to their games. If you want to work for Riot Games, create fan art or create your own champion for League of Legends. This shows you care about the company and companies want that!

Jonsku [SWE/FIN]: My question got skipped orz

Denwhat: @Jonsku [SWE/FIN] getting to it! It's a good question

Rob: Excellent!

 Jonsku [SWE/FIN]: Thank you

Rob: @Denwhat Thanks a ton for visiting us!!

Denwhat: Answering the final 2 questions

Denwhat: If I missed any, please holler!

Josh-jam: @Denwhat speaking riot games. When creating a character, how much time is usually given to complete several thumbs+ final project

Rob: Awesome, Den is going to wrap up, and head back to the studio. Super happy he could drop by!!

Jeff Vehrs [AD] [USA]: @Josh-jam From earlier in the Q&A: "My process: ALWAYS start with a good idea in your head. Your character needs a fun "hook" or else it'll just be forgettable. Go on Pinterest and look at inspiration. Create a moodboard. It's a lot of prep work, but it pays off at the end. A good character will take 2 days. 1 day for prep and thumbs and feedback. Another to finish"

hammerTH [SWE]: BYE @Denwhat thanks for coming

Josh-jam: @Jeff Vehrs [AD] [USA] there was so much text didn't see, thanks for the reqoute

Rob: Also, super thanks to all the server members that carried themselves likes pro's today!! you guys are an amazing group))

styke: @Jeff Vehrs [AD] [USA] I think that's just creating the concept of the character (?)

Tyier Godette (FoxieMoose[US]): @Denwhat Really appreciate you coming through and answering our questions.

styke: @Rob Thanks for arranging this. Got a lot of valuable insides now

Denwhat: @Jonsku [SWE/FIN] Yes, I'm mainly a character artist and at Riot currently, that's all I do (aside from the occasional vehicles). I've never had to do a full blown environment since we have other artists that specifically do them I value environments since I LOVE compositions/atmosphere. Composition is something you can apply to character designs (in the design itself and the presentation of your characters) So definitely embrace environments when you can. It's also not fun when ALL you do is characters. Environments helps to break things up

Jonsku [SWE/FIN]: Ooooh Aye Thanks for answering the question!

Denwhat: @styke No real final push. I wanted to be a professional artist since I was a kid so my whole life was: art, art art. Sometimes it's hard to stay motivated on something that you do EVERYDAY, I get that too. But I just need to think to myself that there's nothing better than bettering yourself and honing your craft is just that!

Denwhat: @Josh-jam QUESTION: When creating a character, how much time is usually given to complete several thumbs+ final project That's a SUPER open ended question since a League champion can take months and a lot of artists to create. If you are able to create 2-3 character sketches/iterations a day, you'll be good.

Denwhat: Cool. Thanks everyone for the questions

Denwhat: I've never done anything like this before

Denwhat: Super fun!

Denwhat: Hope the answers helped, feel free to message me for follow ups(edited)

Denwhat: Keep embracing your own craft

Alejandro: Thank you again

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