Tell me more about how cool your site is..

Tell me more about how cool your site is..

Welcome to v3.0.

This one is hosted by Squarespace.  As you might have guessed, the switch was not entirely up to me.  The old site was driven by wordpress on one of those popular web hosting services that comes in around 20 bucks a month.  WordPress and a hosting service is completely awesome when it works.  For just a few bux I had several sites, lots of traffic and actually ranked very well for things I cared about.  ...but the flip side, when it does not work, it does a stellar job at that too.

Turns out, the ftp side of my hosting company for my site is not as secure as you would hope.  It is not clear if they had my password, but it was suggested that it was likely an exploitation of a security flaw.  I was assured by the company I hired to fix it that it was likely not my password, and that circumventing ftp security on many of the hosting sites is fairly common.  The FTP security is one issue, but WordPress is another.  Remember all those widgets that make your site interactive and fun?  Well there is not a lot of protocol  and security diligence for some of those either.  WordPress is as powerful as it gets, but it comes with a sleeping dragon, and if you are not on top of it, you will get your ass burned.

So if you are thinking about a site soon, my recommendation to you is, get your domain asap.  Get your name first or a very clear variant of your name in a .com.  Even on mine, the 'D' as a middle initial is a pain at times over the phone so keep it easy to hear, remember and replicate.  If you have no chance at your name, shoot for a clear easy to remember domain that is clear and descriptive first, and quirky second.  Also do yourself a favor and host your domain at a different and reliable spot that is not your hosting company.  I personally use GoDaddy, it's not the cheapest, but it is probably one of the most stable.