In this episode:

Advice and info about being a matte painter.  Also, a lot of policy discussion for up and coming concept artists.

So I was asked 6 questions from a digital art student for his thesis.  Rather than send a huge email, I decided it might be a pretty interesting for you guys, and a solid first episode for the new channel.    ..Ah, and if you caught that, this is a new channel called Team Concept Art, thanks!  I started the new channel because, it was time to peel off the concept art blog from my video channel that is a bit more of a warehouse of past 'stuff and projects'.

This one is worth a watch, there is a lot of info about being and acting like a pro in the studio and online.  Sorry about the length but, I am starting to like the idea that a good feature, although it does not get as many hits, is likely a better tool for people who really need it.  Happy to hear your thoughts on the subject.

All the best.