This is the standard! The Cintiq 22HD is the one you see in most studios.  Any larger, and it has a hard time being held up by a monitor arm.  Any smaller and you find yourself hunting around.

LX Desk Mount LCD Arm

The LX is currently the standard for mounting your Cintiq 22HD.  Worth noting, the larger Cintiq is too heavy for it.

The Cintiq 13hd is the little brother to the 22hd.  Given a choice, the 22 should come first. but if the price point is impossible the 13 is a fairly good travel kit option.

Seriously... avoid a crummy gaming headset, by adding a real mic like the AntLion to an existing headset.  the ModMic is what I use for Skype and I have it attached to the M40x's.  Yeah, dual cables are not as nice as a single cable, but I found the quality in sound, and recording well worth it.

This is the first backpack of many that actually holds my full size 17 inch laptop, and a 13hd Cintiq, and mouse, cords etc, without looking like a oversize sack. The price point is a tad high, but the warranty and construction is peerless.

The Wacom Intuos lineup is a perfect option for a tight budget.  Opinions on sizes vary, but I would say get one large enough to throw a decent line, but not so large that you need to do a lot of work to get your brush across the screen.

Headphones are a fairly personal choice.  I have rolled with Beats, Grado's, and a dozen other brands.  The M40x's are winners.

MXL V67G Large Capsule Condenser Microphone
Marshall Electronics

The MXL 67 is what I use to record the show with.  It's a solid value mic for a sound board with phantom power.  Don't just get this mic to plug into just any recorder, you need XLR connections and phantom power for it to work.